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Middle Eastern Solidarity – Mock Apartheid Wall



The Middle Eastern Solidarity group at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie New York, will be holding Middle East day, on April 9th 2008.

This day will bring together Middle Eastern Culture in a fun, and educational way, for the whole community to enjoy. 

The students of Middle Eastern Solidarity, will introduce their diverse Middle Eastern cultures through food, entertainment, art, and history.  Falafel will be supplied by Zorona’s, a Middle Eastern Restaurant in Poughkeepsie New York. Other Middle Eastern dishes, and desserts will be donated by the students and their families.  Hookas, will be set up, in the lounge smoking area on campus.(You must have ID).  The groups very own DJ Tim….or as we call him “DJ Kharoof,” will be playing some great Arabic music, and henna designs will be hand drawn.  Aside from all the fun, MES will be building a Mock Apartheid wall, like the one in occupied Palestine today, to teach the community about the 60 years of occupation of Palestine, and the impact that it has been on not only Palestine, but on the Arab world as a whole; by using photos, facts, as well as art work done by the students themselves.

All money will go towards the groups future budget.  This is the groups first year at DCC, and does not have a budget. All extra donations would be appreciated.

For more information on this event, and on the group, keep checking their myspace page at.


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“Once Upon a Time”-AbdelFatah Abu-Srour


Once upon a time…. 14/04/2002

Once upon a time there was humanity
Conscience was there, justice and humility
Life was still precious and worth living
Trust and faith in humans’ fraternity
Once upon a time there was human rights
Brothers living on different continents, no fights
Democracy proclaimed in the whole world
Injustice fought, hatred dead and cold

Once upon a time, there was Palestine
Every occupation ran through its land
From every point on the earth this holy land
Was nonetheless occupied, no sun shine

Once upon a time, there was a people
Who tried to live in peace, happy and welcoming
Visitors sneaked around, chasing and killing
Refugees in their land, was their fate

Half a century passed, still tortured country
Resistance every day, still more agony
Victims called terrorists, paradox hegemony
Oppressor victorious, tormentor is the holy

And here we are again, today and tomorrow
Presenting to the world our own sorrow
On all the screens of the world, everybody sees
How human beings, turn into beasts

Wonderful world, ugly face
Democracy of all, turn into a race
Dictatorship of the world, is born everyday
What ever you chose, you find always a way

Leaders of the world, compete for complicity
Watch repression, winner is inhumanity
Throw away all values, burry the corpses
Decaying humanity, corrupted forces

I declare today, there is no way
People continue, to repeat same mistakes
All over history, whatever we say
Oppression continues so be aware

When Palestinians wake up one day
And turned into terrorists

By what you wish and display
Forced to choose your way
Once upon a time, there was a people
Wishing to live in peace in his land
Strangers sneaked around as well as relatives
Massacres committed, no freedom, no life

Once upon a time, there was humanity
Today what is found, nothing but insanity
Values are inversed, thanks to fraternity
Silence is the key for the world’s misery

AbdelFatah Abu-Srour

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                         “Try not to Cry”:  Sami Yusuf Feat. Outlandish

Sami Yusuf, a Muslim singer, with a beautiful voice out of Britain. His songs encourage youth to be proud of their identity, singing about love, mercy, peace and tolerance in his two debut albums, “al-Mu’allim,” and “My Ummah.” 

Outlandish a diverse group made up of Waqas Ali Qadri, Lenny Martinez and Islam Bachiri.  Waqas, a vocalist and producer, who raps in both English, and Urdu, his Pakistani native tong. Lenny, a Vocalist and Lyricist, who raps in Spanish. And last but not least, Islam, Vocalist and Lyricist, singing and raping in English, is known to be the main vocalist of the group.

Lyrics  Outlandish Offical website  Sami Yusuf Official website

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Muslim Student Association, SUNY New Paltz


Last week, the Muslim Student Association at SUNY New Paltz, came together, to bring the many cultures of the Islamic world to campus and the community; to help raise money for their up-coming concert and comedy event.  They showcased and sold many Traditional, and…non-traditional items. Students were welcomed at the door with free books, on understanding Islam, and posters with information on things such as the 5 pillars, and the similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  Many Items sold at the event were donated by the Islamic community.  The most popular item sold at the event, were the Palestinian traditional scarf known as the “Keffiyeh.” The black and white scarf represents Palestinian struggle, but is also known to be a very popular fashionable item. Yet each time purchased, we made sure the students understood the meaning, that way they can take that knowledge along with them.

Nima Jamal, fashion designer located in New York, has a series of her designs from her, “Hatta” Line. All hand made goods, created from the Traditional Keffiyeh; in both the black and white pattern, as well as the red and white. Everything from skirts to bandannas, to dress ties, and arm sleeves, were made with the keffiyeh.

Arabic Cuisine by “The Palms,” a newly opened Middle Eastern restaurant in Poughkeepsie New York, supplied the event with falafel, hummus, salata arabiya, babaghanoosh, and baklawa.  The food was a obvious hit. And the Pakistani, and Indian sweets topped it off perfectly.

Henna, supplied by the Mid Hudson Market, was popular amongst many of the female students, with traditional designs. As the henna dried, they joined other students to view Youtube comedy videos of Ummah Films, and Music by the Sound of Reason, and Outlandish.

Many other things were sold such as Pins, as well Muslim humor tees, and t-shirts by our organization, “Palestine the Voices of the Next Generation.”

 Everything sold was in support of the concert and comedy event the MSA is holding, introducing, The Sound of Reason and Ummah Films, on May 1st at the campus’s Studley theatre. (Concert Information)

Thank you everyone who came to the event, and thanks to the many students, and the Muslim community who helped out.

(Photos from the event)

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logo.gifThe voice for children…

Al Jazeera Children is a pan Arabic educational channel, made to teach children about different cultures, and environments, and encourages them to learn.  Al Jazeera Children, gets children to express themselves and communicate their thoughts. 

I really love this site. I thought it was the cutest thing.  Its a great way to help children learn things other then the usual “ABC, 123, red, blue, green,” kind of thing.  I love this site also, because its helping give children a voice.  Thats the saying behind our organization, educating the next generation, because they are the future. So I loved the whole idea of this channel.

They offer shows such as “Lakatat,” which teaches children about Multimedia.  Everything from directing, to music, to game shows, and how to do it all. There is also a show called “Allo Marhaba,” (hello how are you), this show gets children to interact over the phone from all across the globe!  Kids can get involved in quizzes, debates, etc.  They have programing from all age groups, which is great, that way it gets everyone involved.  from I just wish that it had the whole site translated in English, that way I can navigate myself around, instead of just randomly clicking at things.

Visit their site to learn more about them, and their other programing…

I made my own news reporter. =)mynewsreporter.jpg

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Ever wonder why these young lives are blowing themselves up?  What would make a person hate life so much, that they are willing to kill themselves, and others? There must be something emotionally, and mentally wrong for them to go on with such an action…

I know many of you wonder this, and I know many of you REALLY don’t know.  I mean, Palestinian children don’t grow up learning that they need to blow themselves up with their ABCs. No, there is something wrong.  There is a reason behind it all.

So, I will show you…














































Its a life like this that makes children do something like…”blowing themselves up.” Its lives like this that make children want to “blow themselves up.” Its these children seeing their parents, siblings, and friends get killed in front of their eyes, that make them want to “blow themselves up.” Its not having the chance of an education, or a job.  Its having their homes bulldozed.  Its having their faith taken away from them.  Its walking the streets knowing your neighbor is living 20 times better then they ever have or ever will. Its know that death is right around the corner. Its having nothing to eat or drink.  Its knowing that the world doesn’t care enough to do something about it.  Its the fact that its been like this for 60 years. 

Lets change that…and maybe kids would stop “blowing themselves up.”

Lets give them a reason to live…

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Israeli illegal acts on Palestinian Women

Israeli’s, both settlers, and Soldiers, always say their taking out terrorism, that their trying to end attacks against “Israeli Civilians.”  How are pregnant women, elderly women, and young women, terrorists? How is killing a young girls family in front of her eyes going to help her grow up a happy and peaceful child?  How is treating women like this in any way trying to create peace?  How in any way, are they going to be accepted by the Palestinian people? And how in any way, are you, and your tax dollars supporting these illegal acts?

What kind of future are you promising for not only the Palestinian people, but the people of “Israel,” when you not only treat the men like this, but the women and children as well?

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