Today I am pretty annoyed. Annoyed at the fact I continue to open up my local News Paper, to find articles like the one I found today, which is titled “Gunman kills 8 in Jerusalem.”  Then not only do they tell the story about that, which don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with that, but what I had a problem with was that in a separate box, they list all the killings by “suicide bombings,” from 2001-2004, where they state that 157 Israelis were killed. But to top it all off, a man, who I once got into a serious argument with, writes as a “Local Reaction,” representing himself as the “spokesperson” of the local Muslim Community. OK, this man, is the biggest, most two faced man


I have ever met in my entire life.  HE IS NOT THE SPOKESPERSON OF THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY… nor does he have the right to say anything on behalf of us. He states…

“A seminary is a refuge for the exchange of ideas, not bullets.  Our prayers are not only for the people of Israel but also our friends in the local Hudson Valley Jewish Community who are affected by this senseless killing.”  OK one thing, no I don’t support killing of ANY innocent human being.  But when has anyone ever given us that sort of respect?  Has anyone condemned the Arab community for the loss of 130 people within four days by the Israeli military? Has anyone wrote about the killing of innocent 20 day old Ameera? Or how about the other 39 CHILDREN that were killed?  How is it that this article has two images, one of a non-blood shed-ed young Jewish boy who is said to be wounded, but looks TOTALLY FINE. And then a image of Israeli soldiers searching the area where the attack was held.  OK, these people who were shot at, were sitting down, inside, studying.  THESE GAZA CHILDREN WHO WERE KILLED, WERE BOMBED, FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES, SHOT TO DEATH, IN-FRONT OF THEIR FAMILIES EYES, HAVE NO RUNNING WATER, NOR FOOD…SO WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS GOING TO DO TO ONE PERSONS MIND WHO IS LIVING UNDER THIS SITUATION. THERE GOING TO GO CRAZY!!! And who are they going to take it out on, the people of the government in which put them in the situation.  It was not a sensless killing, it was not for “Allah”(swt) it was out of rage, out of anger, out of an unstable, un mental sick mindddddddddd! That is what happens to a person after seeing their home, and their families destroyed! That’s what happens to a person when all of this is going on around them, and NOT A SINGLE NATION would step in to support them and help them. NOT ONE NATION would step in and point fingers and say ISRAEL YOUR WRONG STOP WHAT YOUR DOING NOW! It is horrible that 8 people have died, and I do sympathize, but I don’t think that making the death of 8 people, sound more important then the deaths of 130 people is good at all, and I disagree with this paper, and that man, who im not mentioning his name because hes a pain in the ass.  CAN SOME ONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP THESE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE! THEY ARE HUMAN, THEY ARE DIEING, STARVING, LIVING ON THE STREETS. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE MINDS OF THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN?!!!!! HOW CAN YOU LET A GOVT KILL A CHILD!

killed by israelis...20 months old



pictures above are of Palestinian children who have been killed…3 of the 39.


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