Israeli – experts in giving excuses after killing babies

2o month old Ameera, was killed in the arms of her mother yesterday in Gaza.

                             killed by israelis...20 months old

Her mother, held her in her arms, with her two other children, when Ameera was shot and killed; as everyone was forced to leave the home by Israeli troops.  You always hear stories, about young children being killed by Israeli troops, but never in the American media. No, actually, I bet the only people reading this blog, and blogs like this, are those who already know about the situation.  The rest probably don’t know where Gaza is.

As I searched the Internet, eager to learn more about this beautiful little girl, I found a quote by her mother, after the death of her young child.

” We were going to visit the sick mother of Yousif Missiri, she is suffering from kidney problems and lives in her son’s house, they are friends of our family [Yousef Missiri is wanted for “Israel”]. While we are about to eat dinner, one of the kids came inside and started shouting the “Israeli” tanks are surrounding the neighborhood. Moments later the “Israeli” soldiers started calling on us to exit the home one by one, first three sisters of Missiri exited, then I followed them holding Ameera in my hands and shouting to them, Please don’t kill us, don’t kill my children [she was also accompanied by her 2 other kids]” she continues ” while I was holding Ameera and shouting, the soldiers mounted a strong flashlight on us and started firing shots at me and me daughter, I got heavily injured in my arm while still holding Ameera not knowing she is already dead, I knew she was dead the next morning”. She continues, ” I want to know why they killed her, did she fire rockets on the settlements or was she fighting them!”…Aside from the death of little Ameera, her father was beaten by Israeli soldiers as he cried“why did you kill my daughter!”.welcome to the daily life of a Palestinian…


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