Just another day?


As you sit there watching your Fresh Prince reruns until 4am do you ever sit back and wonder if there is better things you can be doing with your life? Do you ever sit there hating that your eating a Subway sandwhich, and diet diet coke instead of french fries and a regular coke because well… you need to loose weight.   Have you ever complained about being home, and having nothing to do when a storm hits, and you have no power?  Do you ever try to do everything in your efforts, to try not to go to school or work?  Do you hate being stuck in traffic? How about toll booths… bet you hate those too. Do you hate being searched at the airport? Do you have a child, and sometimes wish that they would just shut up sometimes? Has anything ever been considered enough for you?

Now think this…

How about if you had no telivison, and instead of thinking about if you had anything better to do, your thinking about if your going to live another day.

How about if you never needed to diet, because well… you had no food to eat anyways.

How about if you had no power all day, all night, every day?

How about if you couldnt go to school, and had no job?

How about if there was a checkpoint everywhere you wanted to go, and a lot of the time, after waiting for 2 hours, you would be denied entry anyways?

How about if you were searched everytime you went to go through a checkpoint… how about if your a women forced to take off your clothes?

How about if you wished for your child to never shut up…wished for them to be silly all the time, happy, and had no fear of being shot at any second.

Do you guys ever think about how the Palestinians are living when you complain about things you do daily? 


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    ana cardona said,

    this story shocked me n touched me.. you are absolutely correct why should people complain when others are suffering greatly,and we are living in no fear of threats and now when i hear someone complain i mourn inside and my blood boils because we can’t compare..i am humble by Palestinian people and all they have been through
    -ana c 18yrs

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