AMERICANS…Why arnt you crying now?



 we cried when watching a sad movies.
we cried when we didnt get what we wanted.
we cried when the last season of “Friends” aired.
we cried when we had to much home work.
we cried when we failed a test.
we cried when we lost our championship baseball game.
we cried when the store was out of chunky monkey ice cream.
we cried when lasy the dog saved everyone from the fire.
we cried when our parents punished us from our favorite things.
we cried when we were picked on.
we cried when we had to do chores.
we cried when our parents yelled at us.


4,658+palestinians have died (sept/2000-feb/5/2008)
10,756 + palestinians are currently imprisoned-(3/31)
700,000+ palestinians became refugees in 1948 alone.
1,021+ palestinian children have been killed from (2000-feb/5/2008)
60+ years palestine has been occupied by israel
a wall seperates families.
checkpoints stop children from going to school.
Checkpoints keep husbands from work.
Checkpoints keep mothers from giving birth to their children.
No food.
No water.
No light.
homes demolished.
transportation dempolished.
jobs demolished.
land demolished.
farms demolished.
education demolished.
families demolished.
childhoods demolished.
minds demolished.
hopes demolished.
LIVES demolished.
Americans…WHY arent you crying now?!? -Rana Abdelqader


Palestine the Voices of the Next Generation


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