The Non Violent Movement for Palestine-Occupation 101

The Non Violent Movement for Palestine at SUNY New Paltz

President (speaker in this film)- Ahmed S.

Vice President (My cousin, Yasmin J.)

and… I created this video…

Thank you everyone who attended…

After watching this film myself, it really hit me. Again…every-time I see something like this film it hits me like I knew nothing before.  Like this whole occupation is something knew, because the more facts that process in my mind, the more images of children crying that I see, the more words of mothers yelling “My son was killed by an Israeli gun,” I hear, I dont understand how any human can accept the acts of Israel.  The film “Occupation 101,” was a great film.  It brought images, the words of the Palestinian people, facts, and also what I believe helped bring the word out even more, was the words by the Jews, who do not support the occupation.

If you have not seen “Occupation 101,” I recommend you do.  And when you see it, I hope you not only take in what you learn, but let it out too.

Oh and sorry for the shaky camera. Haha, I was trying to do like 3 things at once. =/


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