How Can YOU Help Israel?


I am astonished by this site that I came upon today.  Claiming “children of Israel are growing up poor without enough food, and without dental care, or shoes that fit.”  And encouraging people to “Support Israel, and the United States” buy purchasing products that say, “made in Israel, and Made in the U.S.A.” Which probably means that everything that says “Made in the U.S.A” goes to Israel, otherwise they wouldn’t have posted that. 

HA! but what really got me is that they need support for I quote…”Conscious spending for everyday needs in this way helps good people keep their jobs.  It is a simple way to help counter the economic damage done by terrorists.”

Wow… OK, well they also state that over 1.5 million people in “Israel” live below the poverty line. When they state that, I think its the only thing that they ever included the Palestinian population in.

Oh, and let me add, they even offer gift certificates!

Anyways, I’m not going to start no big debate on this blog, but you guys obviously know what my thoughts are on this subject…and in response, I’m going to say, now you know what NOT to buy.

So remember to boycott anything that says “Made in “Israel,” or “Made in the U.S.A,” as well as anything with the numbers “7290” on the bar-code, like this…0001.jpg


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    Edmund said,

    Awesome post, keep up the good work

  2. 3

    Brenda Comeaux said,

    At first I thought, I’d love to help by boycotting Israel and U.S.A. products. Then I thought, there’s no way I can do that, since I live in the U.S.A. But then I foolishly realized that practically all products available here are made in China. So this should be an easy way to help the Palestinian people. I only wish i could do more. It is frustrating because my own government is contributing to their suffering.

  3. 4

    علاء الحاج عثمان said,

    ان شاء الله سوف اشتري كلاشنكوف صينية و أفرغها في رؤسهم القذرة

  4. 5

    matt said,

    to boycott things in United States hurt also the good people in the united states we need to find a way to boycott or change the government and the people that are running the United States right now. The truth needs to come out about Israel ,most people in the United States don’t know the truth they need to be educated and told about apartheid and what Israel is doing to non-Jewish people and everyday suffering of Palestinians.

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