Israeli illegal acts on Palestinian Women

Israeli’s, both settlers, and Soldiers, always say their taking out terrorism, that their trying to end attacks against “Israeli Civilians.”  How are pregnant women, elderly women, and young women, terrorists? How is killing a young girls family in front of her eyes going to help her grow up a happy and peaceful child?  How is treating women like this in any way trying to create peace?  How in any way, are they going to be accepted by the Palestinian people? And how in any way, are you, and your tax dollars supporting these illegal acts?

What kind of future are you promising for not only the Palestinian people, but the people of “Israel,” when you not only treat the men like this, but the women and children as well?


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    I am sad to watch these images but thank you for posting it here. Your voice needs to be heard.

    We in the UK are guilty for what we have done to bring about this plight but unfortunately the pages of history cannot be turned back.

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