Muslim Student Association, SUNY New Paltz


Last week, the Muslim Student Association at SUNY New Paltz, came together, to bring the many cultures of the Islamic world to campus and the community; to help raise money for their up-coming concert and comedy event.  They showcased and sold many Traditional, and…non-traditional items. Students were welcomed at the door with free books, on understanding Islam, and posters with information on things such as the 5 pillars, and the similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  Many Items sold at the event were donated by the Islamic community.  The most popular item sold at the event, were the Palestinian traditional scarf known as the “Keffiyeh.” The black and white scarf represents Palestinian struggle, but is also known to be a very popular fashionable item. Yet each time purchased, we made sure the students understood the meaning, that way they can take that knowledge along with them.

Nima Jamal, fashion designer located in New York, has a series of her designs from her, “Hatta” Line. All hand made goods, created from the Traditional Keffiyeh; in both the black and white pattern, as well as the red and white. Everything from skirts to bandannas, to dress ties, and arm sleeves, were made with the keffiyeh.

Arabic Cuisine by “The Palms,” a newly opened Middle Eastern restaurant in Poughkeepsie New York, supplied the event with falafel, hummus, salata arabiya, babaghanoosh, and baklawa.  The food was a obvious hit. And the Pakistani, and Indian sweets topped it off perfectly.

Henna, supplied by the Mid Hudson Market, was popular amongst many of the female students, with traditional designs. As the henna dried, they joined other students to view Youtube comedy videos of Ummah Films, and Music by the Sound of Reason, and Outlandish.

Many other things were sold such as Pins, as well Muslim humor tees, and t-shirts by our organization, “Palestine the Voices of the Next Generation.”

 Everything sold was in support of the concert and comedy event the MSA is holding, introducing, The Sound of Reason and Ummah Films, on May 1st at the campus’s Studley theatre. (Concert Information)

Thank you everyone who came to the event, and thanks to the many students, and the Muslim community who helped out.

(Photos from the event)


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