3rd Annual Arab American History Conference

On November 1st, The Arab American National Museum, in Detroit, MI; will be hosting the Arab American Historical Foundations 3rd annual Arab American History Conference.

The Arab-American Historical Foundation (AAHF) is dedicated to help gather, perserve and dissminate Arab-American history. The AAHF was Founded in 1978 in Los Angeles by Joseph R. Haiek, publisher of the News Circle/ Arab American magazine and the Arab-American Almanac series. AAHF was registered in California as an unincorporated non-profit organization in March of 2002.

Learn more about this group, and conference at: www.arabamericanhistory.org

The Arab American National Museum is the first of its kind in the world; devoting the whole museum to Arab culture and history.  Show casing the many voices and faces of Arab Americans who have created a large impact in this country.  Personally I have heard this museum is wonderful, and a great place to take your family, and educate the children on Middle Eastern culture and history.  My great uncle actually has a statue in this museum; and with that, it explains his story of him coming to this country as a Palestinian refugee, what he did to get here, how he got here, and his accomplishments after. 

Learn more about the Arab-American National Museum at: www.arabamericanmuseum.org


 To Learn more about the cconference Contact: ((323) 466-9800, 818) 507-0333, fax: (818) 246-1936, www.arabamericanhistory.org


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