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About Palestine the Voices of the Next Generation…

At the age of 16 I created a group called “Palestine the Voices of the Next Generation”… Next came the logo, which I created with my little cousin Naseems hand, then came the myspace, then came the support, then came a powerful voice.  A voice of not one, but of many.  This group was created so that youth can let their voices be heard when it comes to the Palestinian Israeli conflict.  They speak with creativity…art,music, poetry, film ect.  The main objective is to educate the next generation, let them know that its ok to speak out.  We are the next generation, and if anything is going to change for the better, its in our hands.

I created this blog to help bring the words of our members out there, and to put in my effort in educating the world on this on going conflict. Our myspace site is… www.myspace.com/palestinianfactpage


help support us!


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  1. 1

    Magie Hamdan said,

    first and foremost my condolences to you and Elias Ibrahim family.
    today March 27, 08 Elias would of turn 22.

  2. 2

    Gaza Girl M said,

    Even though you have your MySpace, I get concerned when you’re not posting new articles here, so just making sure you are alright and healthy, no problems. Hugs!

  3. 3

    Carolyn said,

    I’m an editorial assistant for “Boston Review,” a national magazine of nonpartisan politics and culture. The current issue of the magazine features a great article by Joseph Levine called “History Matters,” which explores the importance of knowing the history of Israeli-Palestinian relations in order to resolve the current conflict.

    You can check out the article here:

  4. 4

    Cherise said,

    Dear Palestinian Voice Team,

    I am head of content here at Demotix Turi, our CEO would be very interested in meeting with you while he is in the Palestinian Territories from the 13th- 17th October, having recently launched Demotix – the Citizen Wire (www.demotix.com) in July of this year.

    Founded on the cross-roads of activism and journalism, it enables the global community to bring their pictures and videos of the news to the international media, breaking down the barriers to free speech and filling the gap of ever-decreasing number of foreign correspondents.

    We believe Demotix and the images it supplies will play a part in a news revolution – supporting both professional photojournalists and potentially giving the local community a space where they can tell stories, build communities, and communicate their news globally.

    In the past Turi has acted as a commentator on Middle Eastern issues for international outlets (CNN, BBC, Sky, Economist, Financial Times) and regional outlets (Asahi, Press TV, Al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya, al-Hayat, an-Nahar) and would enjoy the opportunity to meet you whilst he is in Israel to discuss what Demotix is trying to achieve, the barriers that exist and how we can encourage Jordan to tell its story to the world through a camera.

    For more information on Demotix please see Turi’s blog in the Telegraph


    Please let me know if you do have any time available during my visit. I can be contacted on the details below.



  5. 5

    Jaya Madhava Das said,

    My prayers are with the Palestinian people of Gaza! We here in Boston Ma. USA are constantly demonstrating. We are with you!!!!!!!!
    Jaya Madhava

  6. 6

    faizah said,

    hei im from Norway and im 18 years old. You know what i cant stop my self by waching the injustice with innocent people. im really serious about to help my muslim country. im just a simple citizen. so its difficult for me to understand what can i do for you. But if you think that i am able to do any thing just tell me. i am with you. just waitig for your reply

  7. 8

    Admin said,

    nice to meet you, i follow your blog, this is my news blog http://gazanews.wordpress.com

  8. 9

    Molly said,

    My name is Molly. I am a student at Northwestern University in Chicago and I work on a conference on social issue media. We are going to have a panel looking at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on May 15th. I am interested in talking to you about potentially finding a way for you to get involved.
    Best, Molly

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