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ARAB WORLD FEST 2008- Sponsored by


For those of you who do not know about Arab World Fest, I can not say enough about what a wonderful festival it is.  If there is any festival that showcases Arab culture in a professional and organized manner providing 3 days of non-stop activities ranging from non-stop and continuous live entertainment, film festival, marketplace, food vendors, children’s area, cultural area, fireworks, and much more.  I welcome you all and encourage you to visit the festival website at to get a glimpse of what the fest is all about.


In an effort to promote Palestinian artists, will be sponsoring Shadia Mansour at the fest this year.  For those of you who have visited the Art Resistance section of, I am sure you have seen Shadia’s link.  She is a wonderful performer representing Palestinians well not only as an artist, in her work and her lyrics, but as a strong Palestinian woman (is there any other kind!) commanding attention and respect during her performances.


I was introduced to Shadia by Patriarch, another wonderful Palestinian Hip Hop artist out of California who is a crowd favorite at Arab World Fest as he always put on a powerful performace.  Patriarch selfishlessly recommended Shadia last year, showing great character and support by helping to promote a fellow artist.  They put on a show together like no other.  Patriarch will unfortunately be unable to attend the fest this year, but I encourage you all to visit his site and I would like to express my love and respect to him as an artist, a person and a Palestinian brother.



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